You move with "A and D", Jump with "space" and reset the level with "r". There is also controller support where "triangle or "Y" is jump. It works on the basis that every time you jump, you lose some of your mass (which can be gotten back) which causes your size to also decrease. Your size determines certain properties like jump height and ability to float or sink in water; fruits allow you to replenish your size.

Jumps will initially seem easy as you are big enough to do them, but this will change very quickly. You will find yourself solving puzzles in a creative manner and using the game's mechanics to it's fullest. The key component here is using your jumps strategically, which will become very apparent as you progress through the levels. At a first glance, it seems like a basic platformer and may think "that's a little too easy" but in actuality - the levels will definitely put you through your paces and test your problem solving skills!

Team of 8:


  • Nathan James Anderson
  • Jack Eatock
  • Rares Morosan (Astro)


  • Jack Jefferies (Jarf)
  • Rhys Lampard (Fusia)


  • Elaine Zeng (Ast)
  • Isabelle Stuetz
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